Excel Shortcuts

Help F1
Display Paste Special dialog boxCtrl+Alt+V
Display Find and ReplaceCtrl+F
Repeat Last ActionF4
Find Previous MatchCtrl+Shift+f4
Find Next MatchShift+F4
Insert Embedded ChartAlt+F1
Insert Chart in New SheetF11
Toggle AutofilterCtRL+Shift+L
Create TableCtrl+T
Select table rowShift+Space
Select table columnCtrl+Space
Clear Slice FilterAlt+C
Run SpellcheckF7
Open Macro Dialog Box Alt+f8
Open ThesaurusShift+F7
Open VBA EditorAlt+f11
Duplicate ObjectCtrl+D
Hide or Show ObjectCtrl+6
Open Modify Cell Style Dialog BoxAlt+’
Show Right Click MenuShift+F10
Control MenuALT+Space
Insert New WorksheetShift+F11
Go to next WorksheetCtrl+PgDn
Go to Previous WorksheetCtrl+PgUp
Rename current worksheetAlt+O
Delete Current WorkshhetAlt+E
Toggle Full ScreenCtrl+Shift+f1
Open Print Preview WindowCtrl+F2
Zoom InCtrl+Mouse Wheel Up
Zoom OutCtrl+Mouse Wheel Down
Create New WorkbookCtrl+N
Open WorkbookCtrl+O
Save WorkbookCtrl+S
Save asF12
Go to next workbookCtrl+tab
Go to Previous WorkbookCtrl+Shift+tab
Minimize Current Workbook Ctrl+f9
Maximize Current Workbook Ctrl+f10
Close Current Workbook Ctrl+f4
Close Excel Alt+f4

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