HTML Links and Images

Links help user to go other pages or specific parts of a particular page, link tag also known as hyperlinks tag.
All web pages are interconnect by hyperlinks tag using navigation.In HTML hyperlinks can be created on text as well as images

Using anchor tag click on a link and jump to another document.

The mouse arrow will turn into a hand shape, When move the mouse over a link.
HTML Links


<a href="url"> Text Goes Here</a>


<a href="">Visit our HTML tutorial section</a>

HTML Images

Images are defined using the <img> tag in HTML.

<img> tag does not have a closing tag , it contains some attributes, Like src.

src : src attribute is used to specifies the URL of the image:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<img src="myimage.png" alt="" style="width:100px;height:100px;">


Alt Attribute
alt attribute is used to provides an alternate text for an image.

A browser will display the value of the alt attribute, if it cannot find an image.


<img src="myimage.gif" alt="" >

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