PHP Setup without local environment Xampp/Wampp

  1. Download PHP Zip package from below link (x64 Thread Safe).

2) Create php directory in c:\ drive and unzip PHP zip package there.

3) Add C:\php to the PATH environment variable.

  1. Press window key and search for Environment.
  2. Go in Advance tab, and click on Environment variables button.
  3. In user variables select path and click on edit button.
  4. Now click on New button and add path (C:\php) then save it.

4) PHP’s configuration file is php.ini, this doesn’t exist initially, so copy C:\php\php.ini-development to C:\php\php.ini.

5) Do uncomment below extension to php.ini.




6) Create php project in local machine (any directory).

7) Open command prompt.

8) Go in your project path.

9) Run php -S localhost:8000 command

Keep Learning 🙂

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